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DentaPet No Sedation Pet Teeth Cleaning
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  • Good Oral Health Prevents Dental Disease & Potential Organ Damage
  • The things we have to do to get noticed and taken to the clinic for a teeth cleaning!

Serving the Vancouver and Kelowna Area | Sedation Free Oral Health Care

No Sedation Pet Teeth Cleaning for Your Precious Pet

Dentapet Cats and Dogs 

Teacup up to 50 lbs only (if you have a larger dog we can determine at the free consultation)

Pets bring a lifetime of joy, love and treasured moments. With that joy comes a responsibility for pet owners to provide optimal care. We provide compassionate care for your pets, treating them like members of our family.  Our goal is to improve and support your petwith safe, trauma-free experiences!

*Disclaimer. The services offered by Dentapet are  not to be confused with a veterinary procedure. Dentapet does not perform any veterinary medicine. We do not diagnose or treat any ailment or disease and we do not guarantee that our services will be suitable for all dogs. We encourage our clients to involve their veterinarian in their dogs oral care routine to ensure proper diagnoses and treatment are provided.